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Update: Due to increased social media attention this product is selling extremely fast. Inventory is limited as we work to keep up with demand.


Are you looking for a reliable mobility scooter that is comfortable, safe and portable? If so, you’ve found just what you’re looking for!

Made with top quality craftsmanship and engineering, the i3 Mobility Scooter is the perfect choice for individuals who wish to continue leading and living an active lifestyle.


Why choose  I3 Scooter

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Choosing a mobility scooter isn’t an easy decision. They’re many kinds of mobility scooters in the market, but they’re not built the same.
What separates our foldable mobility scooters from the competition are:


The scooter features our patented quick-and-easy two-step fold/unfold system (No assembly required) for convenient transport. Folds in seconds for easy storage in your car, SUV or closet.


Remarkably lightweight 53 lbs (24 kg) with a frame structure crafted from heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum and supports passengers weighs up to 300 pounds (137 kg).

Long Battery Life (Includes 1 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries)

Our batteries keep up with your active lifestyle. The heavy-duty, lithium-ion batteries can travel up to 14 miles (22 km) on a single charge. Two batteries allow up to 28 miles (45 km). (Second battery sold separately)

Airplane Friendly

The lightweight folding frame make iWheel’s scooter a safe and convenient choice for airline travel.

Stability Control

Made with comfort and safety in mind, this scooter is designed with 4 wheels, preventing tip-overs and potential injuries.


FDA cleared medical device.
The i3 Scooter’s battery compartment is secure and access to the compartment can only be accomplished with the scooter key, ensuring that no unauthorized persons can ever drive your scooter away. In addition, a switch under the battery compartment allows the operator of the scooter to switch between batteries.

More Features

  • A storage compartment on the floorboard, 
  • USB port so you can charge your cell phone, 
  • battery compartment switch Durable cushioned seat for maximum comfort.

Customer Questions & Answers:

Question:  Is there a warranty on the scooter?

Answer:  The scooter does come with a 2-years manufacturing warranty and with the first 90 days as a return window.

Question:  What accessories are included in the product? 

Answer: The scooter comes with a user manual, set of keys, charger, battery, basket and armrests.

Question:  how fast is this scooter?

Answer: The maximum speed is 4 miles an hour.

Question: What is the weight capacity?

Answer:  The stated weight capacity is stated at 300 pounds (137 kg), but it can handle 350 pounds (159 kg).

Question:  How do I start my scooter?

Please make sure the scooter is power up and that the lights on the dashboard are lit up. You can then press the throttle to move the scooter.

Question:  Is there lights on it back and front ?

Our scooter has Bright LED headlights, taillights, and brake lights as a standard safety feature.

Question:  How many batteries does the scooter come with?

The scooter comes with one battery, but you may purchase additional batteries. The scooter has two battery compartments, 
so you can double your range by purchasing an additional battery. 

Question:  How far will it go on a battery charge?

Our heavy-duty, lithium-ion batteries can travel up to 14 miles (22 km) on a single charge, Two batteries allow up to 28 miles (45 km). (Second battery sold separately)

Question:  Does the battery come out?

Yes, battery can come easy under the seat. 

Question:  Are the scooter tires flat-free?

Yes, the tires on our scooters are solid rubber.  There is no air inside the tires, which prevents you from ever having deflated tires.

Question:  What is the return policy?

Just send it back with no additional cost if it doesn’t work for you.